Our Story

FISH of Vancouver started when community need met volunteer commitment. From an idea gleaned from a group in another part of the country to a positive response from the local Council of Churches and local congregations, FISH started strengthening the local safety net for those in need in 1969. It was the year of Woodstock, the debut of Sesame Street and the first man on the moon. FISH was both visionary and in good company! 

FISH roots were fertilized by the founders through use of the home and garage of Arnada neighborhood residents. With the need growing, the pantry moved to the much-appreciated St. Paul Lutheran Church in downtown Vancouver.  

FISH received a $1 million grant from the State of Washington, and conducted a capital campaign which in 2015 allowed it to purchase and construct its current 10,000 sq ft building, which includes the FISH food pantry, warehouse, offices, parking lots and a commercial tenant. As demand for food by hungry families and individuals has grown, FISH has met the need each time with the support of dedicated volunteers and generous donors.  

Our Impact